IP Telephones for Business

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, has become a business standard worldwide. 

Your business needs a cost effective, flexible and reliable IP Telephone system that will allow your business to grow and accommodate multiple staff locations.

Some of the key benefits of a modern VoIP Phone systems that NSSL provide are :

  • Reduced Cost. Installing a virtualized software based PBX will greatly reduce your initial capital expenditure and running your incoming and outgoing calls over broadband will greatly reduce call charges.
  • Scalability. Adding new extensions, home office workers, sub offices etc is a simple process, inter office phone charges no longer exist.
  • Mobility. Geographic location is no longer an issue. Your phone device can use the same number virtually anywhere as long as it has IP connectivity. Set up a home office as an extension of the main office or bring your IP / Softphone when travelling and use the same number.