Disaster Planning

Protecting your business against an unforeseen event such as fire flood or a cyber / Ransomware attack is of utmost importance.

Having a tested Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. For the majority of businesses IT downtime tends to mean a financial loss and loss of customer confidence.

NSSL offers a number of different DR Services to suit differing business needs. We will help you determine what your critical IT services are and implement a tested DR plan.

Having a DR service in place with a third party makes you compliant with regulatory requirements.

The new “General Data Protection Regulation” GDPR requires some business sectors to have a board member responsible for their DR plan and also to;

  • Notify Data Protection Authorities of a data breach
  • Carry out risk assessments
  • Implement appropriate systems / plans to minimise risk
  • Know where all data resides
  • Ensure that data is protected

NSSL are a specialist supplier to the Credit Union movement in Ireland and we have extensive experience in Credit Union DR requirements.

Please contact us for a free assessment of your DR needs.