User Monitoring and Audit

LANGuardian from NSSL monitors network and user activity and informs you what's really happening on your network.

It is industry leading deep packet inspection software for investigating monitoring and reporting on network and user activity.

It will allow you to ;

  • Find out what users are doing internally
  • Find out who has deleted a file or folder from a network share
  • Track access to confidential data
  • Receive an immediate alert on suspicious activity on the network
  • Perform forensic analysis to help diagnose recent network issues
  • Help track ransomware attacks
  • Assist with GDPR Compliance

LANGuardian gathers its information from network traffic via a mirror port on a network switch, there is therefore no need to install agent or client software on devices connected to the network.

Please contact us for further information on how to protect the integrity of your network