Mimecast Email Security

Manage all the risks of email with Mimecast security and cyber resiliency. Get targeted threat protection, archiving and continuity – all in an integrated service.  
With over 112 billion business messages sent per day, email is the number one form of corporate communication. But it’s under attack from sophisticated hackers, contains valuable corporate information that must be accessible in seconds and impacts productivity when it goes down.

Whether your organization is using a cloud provider, running servers on-premise or in a hybrid environment, the risks of email don’t change. Email defenses must secure the organization and employees against malicious links, attachments and payload less attacks. Information contained in mailboxes needs to be searched quickly for compliance and ligation and be put at the fingertips of staff that need the data. And employees need to keep working despite planned or unplanned server outages.

Make Email Safer for Business

l M2A is a centrally managed cloud solution that perfectly   complements cloud email or replaces the disparate   mix of software, hardware and services typically    deployed to manage the risks of on-premise email. l Simple to deploy, simple to manage – just point the   corporate MX records to Mimecast and we’ll guide  you through the rest. l Easy to administer with a single web console that   provides policy management, dashboards, rich   reporting and workflow for handling suspect and   malicious email. l Apps, portals and plug-ins that keep employees   protected and productive – right from devices  and applications they use every day.

Email Security 

Mimecast extends traditional gateway security to defend against malware-less social engineering attacks often called whaling, malicious links in email and weaponized attachments – the three most common attack methods. Real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachment sandboxing prevent employees from inadvertently downloading malware or revealing credentials. Spoofed emails requesting financial transactions or sensitive information such as employee tax documents are also blocked. Dynamic user awareness improves frontline security with capabilities to reinforce 

security policies and engage employees in assessing risks. Outbound traffic is monitored in real-time with granular and flexible email content and secure communication policies enabling responsive data leak prevention (DLP) and content control.


Using multiple collection points – from a combination of the journal, gateway and synchronization technologies – Mimecast retains the original email, detailed meta-data including email recipients and delivery date and time, and a copy of the email if it was changed by company policy enforcement. Administrators get flexible e-discovery tools to respond quickly to litigation or other requests. All inbound, outbound and internal email is available for instant searching by employees with an industry leading seven second SLA. Whether email is hosted in the cloud or on-premise, best practices demand a third party backup in case data is lost to human error, technical failure or malicious intent.


Mimecast steps in to deliver email to end users during planned and unplanned outages of on-premise corporate email service or a cloud provider like Office 365™. Managed from a single web console, administrators remain in control during a downtime event while maintaining all inbound and outbound security policies. Mimecast goes beyond just spooling email with an Outlook plug-in that gives users uninterrupted access to live and historical email as well as calendar and contacts, to ensure employees keep working during downtime events. Web and mobile applications means downtime doesn’t impact them whether they are in the office or remote.

Easy Administration

With no on-premise equipment to maintain and a single provider for support, Mimecast instantly reduces the administration burden. And as a SaaS provider, the platform is the perfect complement to cloud email like Exchange Online™ or on-premise Exchange™. Administrators get the fine grained control they need, all from a single console that integrates all services, including advanced inbound routing for hybrid and complex environments that supports a real-time view of all SMTP connections and rejections. With dashboards and rich reporting, administrators can quickly zero in on issues and modify policies to stay ahead of potential risks.

Additional Add-Ons include:

  • Secure Messaging: A secure, private, service to share   sensitive information without the need for additional   hardware and software for senders and recipients.
  • Large File Send: Send and receive large files up to  2GB in size.
  • Legacy Archive Data Management: Make legacy email,   mailbox and PST data rapidly searchable in a single   integrated cloud archive.