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Network Infrastructure

Improve productivity and collaboration between your various systems by unifying your data, voice and video systems onto a single secure network..

Today Voice and Data networks are valuable assets that are an integral part of your business. The ability for employees to communicate with colleagues, suppliers, business partners and customers in an effective manner is of utmost importance.

Customer Expectations and competitive pressure are constantly on the increase and the ability to respond to requests for information in a competitive manner has put increased pressure on email and network data resources. To remain competitive small and medium sized businesses need voice and data solutions that can deliver immediate access to communications tools and information regardless of employee location.

Unified Communications

The NSSL Unified Communications Solution comprises four main areas.

1. The Intelligent Network
Utilising a state of the art cable infrastructure, our IP based networks utilise the latest in Network Switches, Routers, Wireless Technology and security devices to ensure that your head office, remote office, and home office employees have access to all of your business critical information systems and to each other.

2. Server Platforms
Our Business Partnerships with HP, Microsoft, SCO, and Red Hat Linux, ensures that we are in a position to provide and install cost effective Unix and Microsoft Windows based high availability servers that best suit your application and communication system requirements

3. Desktop and Telephony Solutions
The correct PC or Laptop to ensure speedy access to your business critical, email, and fax applications whether you are a local or remote user. Desktop VOIP solutions for video conferencing and our Intelligent Phone System (link) solution with extended telephony features.

4. Video Surveillance & Security System
State of the art video surveillance systems running over your Intelligent Network gives authorised users 24/7 real time access to security sensitive areas of your business from local, remote and home office locations

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Cabling & Network Connectivity

A complete range of cable systems, fibre optic solutions, microwave links, wireless solutions, switches, hubs and routers are available to meet the most unique and demanding backbone requirements.

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Wide Area Networks

Cost effective networks linking branch  and home office employees to the main company network utilising the latest broadband and communications technology available, including voice/telephone solutions. 

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Our relationship with selected industry leading partners ensured that we are able to supply the most up to date technology available in Network Servers. The installation of high availability and fault tolerant data and information servers is a must in today's business world where downtime has an immediate effect on revenue and productivity.

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Desktop & Printers

We supply a comprehensive range of PC's laptops and printers and specialise in the seamless integration of workstations with servers running different operating system types. 

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